Hugh Leeman oil paintings


By Kacem |  Published on Sunday, March 29, 2015.

Discover new oil paintings on canvas by the californian artist Hugh Leeman.

Hugh Leeman first gained renown for his detailed portraits of the homeless San Francisco residents he would get to know on his commutes throughout the city. In the past year, Leeman radically changed direction, going from a tightly-controlled, small-scale work process to one that is physical and meditative.

“I threw away all my things, gave away all my paint and started over with black and white,” said the artist. “I stopped painting from photos or life and painted from my head with my feelings through movement.”

Leeman now paints loosely and expressively with oil and spray paint. His latest work includes mural-scale pieces that allow him to involve his entire body in the act of painting. The results are spontaneous and emotive, with a greater emphasis on the process than the final product.

“Bringing Forth the Feeling” © Hugh Leeman

“Discovering the Energy Within” © Hugh Leeman

“Envisioning the Self In Hindsight” © Hugh Leeman

“Process of Communication” © Hugh Leeman

“I Decipher Experience” © Hugh Leeman

“Inner Peace” © Hugh Leeman

“Examine the Fear” © Hugh Leeman

“Glowing warmth Amidst the Cold Dark Depths of the Ocean” © Hugh Leeman

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