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By Chrixcel |  Published on Monday, September 30, 2013.

The Tower 13 - 100 local and international artists coming from Street Art & Graffiti involved in a huge project in Paris !

The Tower 13 has been called this way according to its localization in the 13th district of Paris at n°5 rue Fulton. This is the name of a project initiated and curated by Mehdi Ben Cheikh, Director of the Galerie Itinerrance.

David Walker (below) or Katre (above) have their own bath tub to get into the swing of things…

eL Seed’s calligraphies, displayed on an orange fluo background are also visible from the outdoor Metro, echoing those of  Shoof, in darker hues (below).

El Seed © flatjeff

El Seed


For Shoof (his name signifying « look ! » in arabic), letters are mere pretexts, bricks of raw material. “His” flat has been for him a kind of research laboratory. In the rooms he almost painted the whole surface in black, using 9 sentences as a basis which he crushed until their meaning disappears. The result is a mixture of filigree saturations and superimpositions. He admits himself that legibility does not exist in his work, but he gives us two sentences, the first and the last : «  the dot is "mother" of all construction » and « Kill Bill... or die trying ». It’s up to us to interpret…or not ! 


The Tower 13 is to be included in a global project of big murals realized in this area of Paris with the support of the City Hall since 2010. 

Calligraphy, typography, tags, words, throw-ups, etc, the building, like the Tower of Babel, overflows with languages, signs and messages at each floor, following the mood and wills of each artist, free to express... Sean Hart (above) annotating on a wall re walls.


The Tower 13 comprises 9 floors and 36 flats, totalizing 4,500 m² on the river Seine, the whole building having been invested by a hundred of local and international artists, during 7 months.

Inti - (re)see also his mural at n° 129 avenue d'Italie...  

Negotiations lasted 8 months before the Galerie Itinerrance could obtain the necessary authorizations to start this pictorial adventure, open to everyone from October 1st until 31st. Its aim is to be talked about, display art in a generous way and it succeeds in doing so !

Liliwenn & Bom.K – 9th floor

The project was born before a similar concept curated by the Galerie Magda Danysz in an abandoned Parisian night-club called Les Bains-Douches, and unveiled to the public last April. Only a limited number of visitors have been able to see the artist's works in situ before the excavators’ arrival, according to strict rules as to the publication of photos, due to an exclusivity & security problematic…

At the second floor, the monkey drawn with chalk by Philippe Baudelocque remains there as if fixed to the spot in its dark room, waiting for disintegration to come. 

If we could actually speak of wasteland / construction site to define the mythical disco, the Tower 13, a social housing, is currently half-abandoned : a few tenants are still occupying their flats before being relocated in another council flat… The situation, observed from a social standpoint is therefore quite unusual !

Moskos & Associés – seen as through a cinemascope on the picture, the mirror trick is stunning !

Anyway, this tower is worth the trip, if only for the high quality of the works displayed inside…and outside. 

Works... and fictions ! Nilko and his sidekicks Nebay and Bugz were caught by surprise by WhiteMan et the Toy Boyz, characters created by Nilko. As a result : Nebay succumbs to a hammer’s strike, Bugz is badly finished with a paint roller and the survivor finds himself with a finger cut... below are bloody evidences of this crime scene made with tags, throw-ups and drippings from floor to ceiling...

If Kan (Da Mental Vaporz crew) is not too touchy regarding his artistic label, (pointillist or pixellist), his Sistine Chapel (almost) looks dot by dot to that of the Vatican ! 

Another "pointillist" is the Australian painter Jimmy C (the “Georges Seurat of street art” ?) who realized a portrait of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud in blue tones...

A color “blue” that is also present in Lek, Sowat and The Spaghettist’s collaboration (below). The 3 of them are « basement addicts » and worked with objects found on the spot, painting all the walls from top to bottom around a sculpture by Roti. By wandering around in this psychedelic maze enlightened by black light, we can’t imagine what a mess this place was before the “quartet” decided to set up its "artistic residence"… Days of cleaning / clearing out were necessary to give this amazing result.

Below, the work of Antonio Garcia Leon - fisheye shot © flatjeff

Sambre, below : this is what we can call door-to-door art !

Seth’s asleep medusa seems to literally lick the laths of the wooden floor...

The ephemeral creations and precarious flats have lived together for months, converging to the same finality : closed to the public from November 1st, this tower built in the fifties has become dilapidated and will be razed to the ground in order to allow a new social housing to be constructed.

Among the most unexpected featurings, that of Alexöne and Julien Colombier show paint and pastel matching each other to the ceiling (below).

Of all these works will only remain images on the Internet via the web site and Twitter (#tourparis13), together with a video documentary in 2014 by Thomas Lallier for the TV channel France Ô.

After October 31st, the digitalized works published on the official website will be discolored, and the Internet users will have 10 days to click on their favorite photos to, say, bring them back to a colorful, though virtual life. A kind of interactive vote for back-up allowing them to have a rightful place on the web…

Engraved in the wall, France with euros in the heart and Corsica... a discreet work by  de ± Maismenos

Rea © flatjeff

Photos © Chrixcel, courtesy Galerie Itinerrance / Mehdi Ben Cheikh. Photo banner : Ludo at the left, and at the right the entry side of the builing tagged the Brazilians Rapto. The pixadores from Sao Polo tag the top of the buildings in a very peculiar way called pichação.

Opening from October 1st et 31st, from Monday to Sunday from 12 am to 8 pm.

France : AGL, Alëxone, Amin, Philippe Baudelocque, Bom.K, C215, Rodolphe Cintorino, Julien Colombier, Céleste Java, Dan23, Fenx, Gaël, Gilbert, Inti Ansa, Kan, Katre, Legz (The Spaghettist), Lek, Liliwenn, Ludo, Madame Sanbor, Marko93, Matéo Garcia Leon, Moskos & Associés, Myre, Nebay, Nemi Uhu, Nilko, Rea 1, Sambre, Roti, Sean Hart, Sébastien Preschoux, Seth, Shaka, Shuck2, Sowat, Spazm, STeW, Tore, Uno - Portugal : Add Fuel, Belem, Corleone, Eime, Joao Samina, Kruella, Mar, Mario Belem, Pantonio, Paulo Arraiano, Vhils, Maismenos - Italia : 108, Agostino Iacurci, AweR, Dado, Etnik, Hogre, Hopnn, JB Rock, Joys, MoneyLess, Mp5, Orticanoodles, Peeta, Senso, Tellas - Brazil : 2mil, Ethos, Flip, Herbert Baglione, Loiola, Rapto, Speto, Tinho - Saudi Arabia : Aous, Azooz, Maryam, Maz – Chile : Inti Castro, Nano - Tunisia : Dabro, eL Seed, Shoof - USA : Cope2, Indie 184, Jonone - Spain : BToy, Uriginal - UK  : Guy Denning, David Walker - Australia : Jimmy C, Vexta - Iran : A1one - Argentina : Jaz - Mexico : Stinkfish - Luxembourg : Sumo.

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